You feel it again, that nagging voice of reason asking you, “When will I really quit?” or “Will I *ever* quit?” And when it comes to smoking, the withdrawals, irritability, and fears of relapse can stop your efforts before they start. They’re symptoms experienced by most people who crossed the threshold from smoker, to none smoker. But what if you could shorten the often lengthy withdrawal symptoms, drug free, using methods that have been practiced for centuries? Turns out acupuncture could be the holy grail that we here in the U.S. have been looking for and is a method that’s been medically researched.

As a result, there are over 200 programs in the US and Europe that offer acupuncture as an integral part of a chemical dependency treatment strategy.

1. Acupuncture has been shown to greatly reduces the drop-out rate from rehabilitation programs.
Consequently acupuncture clients receive more individual and group counseling,
and are more likely to be referred to ancillary services.
2. Acupuncture reduces recidivism (tendency to relapse) rates.
3. Acupuncture reduces cost as clients have less frequent re-admissions.

1. Relief of withdrawal symptoms.
2. General relaxation and homeostasis.
3. Enhancement of physical and mental functioning improving general state of
4. Alleviate problems that lead to dependency in the first place. For example
provide pain relief for a patient addicted to pain killers.

WHAT TO EXPECT AT East West Healing Arts
We offer a comprehensive program tailored to the need of each individual client.
On the first visit we complete an extensive evaluation recording medical history and individual signs and symptoms. Based on these findings we suggest a treatment plan to the client. Most clients attend once or twice a week depending on severity of the symptoms. A course of treatment averages 10 – 12 sessions.

1. Auriculo-therapy (ear acupuncture) detox protocol.
2. Body acupuncture
3. Nutritional counseling
4. Exercise
5. Massage
6. Modalities (ultra sound, electrical stimulation, deep heat)
7. Ask about Needle-less acupuncture.

(And don’t forget, you’re 30% more likely to successfully quit with social support! You can find your own support network at…/…/quitting-smoking-with-acupuncture !)