chinese-herbs_scaledAn Oriental medicine practitioner is trained in the use of Chinese herbs. The Chinese pharmacopoeia has developed over 4000 years containing hundreds of formulas and herbal substances. These herbs can be anything from roots, berries, and leaves, to minerals, and animal extracts *. In California, a Chinese Herbal practitioner has to pass a Board exam in order to prescribe Chinese herbs.

More and more people are interested in herbal medicine because they are scared of the side effects of prescription medications. People believe herbs are safe because they are natural. Always remember that herbs are used because of their pharmacological compounds just like prescription drugs. In fact many prescription drugs were derived from herbs in the first place.

The advantage of herbs is that they generally do not create the side effects that are inherent with prescription medications. There are a number of reasons why there are not as many side effects. One is that the active ingredients in the herbs are buffered by other ingredients in the plant. Secondly ,as holistic practitioners, we treat the whole person, not just the disease. Most of our herbal prescriptions are formulas containing anything from 4 to 16 herbs. These herbs are combined strategically to prevent side effects and address the energetic imbalance of the whole individual.

Chinese herbal medicine is well documented and can provide a safe alternative to prescription medication. At East West Healing Arts, we only provide high quality herbs that have been tested for purity and meet dosage requirements.

In addition to Chinese herbals we do utilize Western herbs, supplements, and vitamins. We utilize blood tests as well as Asyra energy scanning to establish nutritional status and need for supplementation.