Cupping is an ancient soft tissue healing technique that has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years.

Traditionally a glass or bamboo cup is heated with a piece of burning cotton wool and placed on the skin. The flame inside the cup burns the oxygen which causes the pressure to decrease and the skin gets sucked up into the cup. This has a number of physiological effects

  •  Pulling the skin up from the fascia underneath relaxes the muscle tissue.
  •  Waste products of metabolism are pooled and concentrated into one area. The resultant acidic spot functions as a stimulant for the body to increase circulation in the area and clean up the waste products. Cupping can give increased blood flow in the area for days after a session. Unlike massage which may only increase circulation for 10 -15 minutes once the massage has been discontinued.
  • Cupping strongly moves the energy or Qi through the meridians and breaks up areas of stagnation. Pain is always an indication of stagnation and so cupping can give immediate pain relief.
  • Because of its powerful ability to move the energy cupping greatly facilitates acupuncture treatment.

Cupping can be a little uncomfortable when the cups are applied but we use an analgesic oil which helps to numb the area out. Most of the discomfort dissipates within about a minute of applying the cup. After a cupping session you generally tend to see a lot of bruising. These bruises are an indication of the congestion of waste products into the skin and generally are resolved within four to seven days. As a rule of thumb the more stagnation and the more chronic the complaint the more bruising you will see. Bruising after cupping is a normal reaction!