1. Food elimination and detoxification diet
  2. Liver and Gallbladder Flush
  3. Blood sugar management and weight loss
  4. Kidney cleanse

Food Elimination and Detoxification diet
Living in the 21st century means living in an environment high in toxins and stresses.
When the daily exposure outweighs the body’s ability to eliminate toxins we will quickly develop a myriad of chronic symptoms such as fatigue, headache and body aches, allergies, inflammation, indigestion, hormone imbalances, and skin rashes.
Effective detoxification means limiting exposure, mobilizing toxins from the places where they have accumulated in the body, supporting the liver in its detoxification process, and facilitating elimination of processed waste.
The benefits of a detoxification diet are:

  • increase in energy
  • reduction in body aches and pains
  • reduction in symptoms of chronic illnesses
  • improvement in mood and /or reduction of anxiety

These days anyone will benefit from regular detoxification for health maintenance and disease prevention. However there are certain people for whom detoxification is a must. These include people with allergies, intestinal disorders, and auto-immune disease.
Many times patients suffer from food sensitivities which can up-regulate the immune system, causing increased inflammation and aggravation of symptoms. Sixty percent of the immune system is located right below the intestinal lining. Chronic inflammation and abnormal bowel flora promote leaky gut syndrome. Food particles seep through the intestinal lining and trigger the immune system below. Common triggers are gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, tomatoes, corn, peanuts…..

With a food elimination and detoxification diet we help the body reduce its toxicity as well as eliminate common triggers to break through the chronic inflammatory cycle.
Patients follow the elimination diet for 3 weeks, while being supported with herbs, vitamins, and supplements to facilitate detoxification. At the end of the 3 weeks we reintroduce one food every 3 days. If this food is a trigger there may be a little flare up in symptoms. This way we can determine which foods are problematic and which ones are not. Particularly clients with immune dysfunction, such as allergies and auto-immune disease, benefit from reducing factors that flare the immune system. At East West Healing Arts we utilize the Apex Energetics Clearvite food elimination and detoxification diet to assist with immune dysfunctions, allergies, and auto-immune disease.

Liver and Gallbladder Flush
The liver and gallbladder flush is based on the protocol of Dr Andreas Moritz. It quickly removes sludge and stones from the gallbladder as well as remove cholesterol stones from the liver. We recommend reading Dr. Moritz’s book “The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush” to gain understanding of all the benefits this flush can provide for improving your health. We utilize herbs such as Chinese gold coin to prepare clients for the flush to ensure a smooth process.

Blood sugar management and weight loss
People often ask about acupuncture and weight-loss. Acupuncture can be a valuable asset to help clients address weight issues. Acupuncture restores the energetic balance of the body which in turn helps the processes of metabolism (energy production), digestion, and elimination. These are the 3 key areas to work with to help a person lose weight. However weight-loss with acupuncture without modifying eating habits and doing regular exercise is most likely not going to work.
So in addition to acupuncture we give the client nutritional counseling as well as an exercise program.
We have found the Ultra Lite program from “Transformations for Health” the most successful for weight-loss and utilize it in our clinic. It safely and efficiently reduces body fat without losing muscle fiber.
It is a powerful method to stabilize blood sugar for our (pre)-diabetic clients and reduces blood pressure.
Clients who commit to the program will take a giant step in the right direction to improve their health and help prevent the causes of most chronic diseases.

Kidney Cleanse
This herbal cleanse gently removes toxic build up from the kidneys and optimizes overall kidney and bladder health. The cleanse is done with raw herbs that will need to be cooked and prepared. The cleanse takes three weeks.