At East West Healing Arts we combine the best of what the ancients and the modern world has to offer. We use the Asyra Pro for evaluation of energy imbalances, as well as traditional Chinese medicine evaluation techniques such as tongue, pulse. We also have the patient fill out an extensive questionnaire covering complete medical history and organ system review.

ASYRA PRO; Advanced Energetic Testing Method

The Asyra® is a fully automated, FDA-registered hardware and software system that allows your healthcare provider to evaluate unique aspects of your health with information gathered through painless, non-intrusive handheld electrodes. Today’s Asyra screening processes are rooted in concepts from the renowned Dr. Reinhardt Voll, who found that a human body’s electrical resistance and capacitance values have a direct correlation to health or pathology.

Why is this significant?

Because capacitive reactance is highly frequency specific, and by using the state-of-the-art Asyra system we can query your body with thousands of specific frequencies, assess the results, and better understand what is happening within your body. Loaded with numerous commonly used energetic tests—and over 40,000 homeopathic, nutritional, herbal, and pharmaceutical items—the Asyra is designed to help us find personalized solutions that satisfy your unique health needs.

Asyra treatment modalities:

The Asyra not only assesses energetic imbalances but also determines what energetic frequencies may be helpful to restore balance. These balancing frequencies can be administered with the help of a laser, or a homeopathic imprint.

The laser is a great treatment modality for those clients that are needle-shy, as well as small children that cannot tolerate acupuncture. The imprint is a homeopathic remedy that you take orally on a daily basis. The theory behind imprinting will be explained below:

The Imprint:

Imprinting or Digital Homeopathy is a difficult concept to understand. It is even more difficult to write about – but as this is the future of Medicine, here goes:
The website ( of the late Jacques Benveniste M.D., provides irrefutable scientific proof that vibrational exchange is the language of biochemistry – this is the concept that underlies the paradigm of Homeopathy. As doctors we are taught that molecules we administer to you (drugs, vitamins, hormones, co-factors, etc.) “work” by binding to specific receptors on the cell membrane, triggering a change within the cell – a “drug” or biological effect. This is the structural matching paradigm. When you think about it, it makes sense for our cell membranes to have specific receptors for hormones, vitamins, and other “normal human” substances, but does it make sense for our cells to have receptors for drugs? Why should Nature or Evolution provide us with receptors for molecules that haven’t been invented yet? In the vibrational paradigm, the paradigm of Imprinting or Homeopathy, the molecules that we give you as well as the molecules produced in your body (the molecules that govern your physiology) work not by binding to a specific anatomic receptor on the wall of a cell, but by emitting an electromagnetic signal or signature, vibrating at a specific frequency, termed “resonance frequency,” that can be sensed and responded to by the cells of your body. Drugs work not by binding to the cell, but by getting close enough to the cell so that their resonance frequencies can be picked up and responded to. If this concept were true, then it follows that giving you a “therapeutic molecule” would not be necessary, we could instead give you the resonance frequency of that molecule. In Homeopathy we do not bother to give you the structural molecule that emits the frequency of interest; we simply give you its resonant frequency, but in concentrated, or “potentiated” form.

The physics by which serial dilution concentrates frequencies is difficult to understand. Suffice it to say that removing from solution a molecule that once emitted a frequency creates an entity called a hyperproton, basically concentrated energy. Dr. Benveniste demonstrated that the frequency given off from a given therapeutic agent could be recorded, digitized, emitted or imprinted into a liquid medium and then given to a biological system to generate a biological effect – the same effect that would occur if the original molecule was administered in intact form. This is Digital Homeopathy or Imprinting.

The Asyra contains tens of thousands of specific frequencies in the hard drive of the computer. These frequencies can be transmitted into you via the Asyra for the purpose of evaluation. The specific frequencies that your body finds of value can then be Imprinted into a carrier solution. When you place drops of the imprinted solution under your tongue, the specific frequencies enter your body, distribute through your energetic nervous system, and stimulate your cells to respond. In essence it is a software program for the innate intelligence or energetic being that stimulates it to direct the physical tissues to adhere to an optimum pattern.

Homeopathy is based on “like cures like” or, something in chemical form will cause “x,y,z” symptoms while the energetic pattern will stimulate the body to correct or cure those same “x,y,z” symptoms. A common example is mercury; in the chemical form it has an affinity to lodge in the central and peripheral nerve tissues causing numerous symptoms, in the energetic form it stimulates the body to remove the mercury thus eliminating those same symptoms. Another example is China Officinalis (Peruvian bark) if ingested in the chemical form it creates all the symptoms of Malaria, in the energetic form it stimulates the body to counteract or correct those same symptoms and adhere to an optimized blue-print or pattern.

Blood testing + interpretation

Blood tests are very accurate tools to determine a person’s health status. In fact they are the gold standard for health screening accepted by everyone in the medical profession. Some disturbing developments have taken away from the effectiveness of the blood test. Many biochemical markers helpful to screen for potential problems are no longer in the tests run today. Clients bring in copies of their blood tests but they are rarely complete.  You need a complete panel to determine what is out of balance in the body. That way you can treat the root of the problem rather than just take care of the symptoms.  Wouldn’t you rather find out why your cholesterol is high instead of just taking a medication to lower it?

The laboratory reference range determines when a value on your test is normal or abnormal. These are determined by looking at large groups of patients and setting averages.  Depending on the health of the group you test these reference ranges will fluctuate.  High levels of stress, poor diet, obesity, poor air quality, and environmental toxins have all taken a toll on the general health of the population. Large numbers of patients tested are already on prescription meditation. This has affected reference ranges where they are set so wide that it is very difficult to catch potential problems early.

At East West Healing Arts we utilize blood tests in our evaluations of new clients. The lab reference ranges we use were determined by research, follow recommendations by medical associations such as the endocrine society, and are based on reference ranges set 15 – 20 years ago. Consequently chances are greatly improved to catch things early and improve health through diet, life style changes, nutritional supplements, exercise, and if necessary acupuncture treatment.

To help us evaluate your health status, please bring copies of recent blood work for our evaluation so we can check your labs against our reference range. If your test is incomplete, as many of them are, or if you do not have recent blood work, we can order tests for you. Through our professional co-op you can get a comprehensive panel including urine analysis for as little as seventy-six dollars. It is recommended you get a full work up at least once a year.

Oxidata testing

Urine test to check MDA (malondialdehyde) levels for measurement of oxidative stress and free radical activity.

Diagnos-Techs Saliva Testing

Adrenal stress index test. Male and female hormones, food intolerance.

Bone health

Osteomark urine lab test to monitor bone remodeling. Tests for metabolites of bone breakdown in urine as an indicator for bone resorption. Elevated levels indicate increased bone breakdown. Tests are repeated 6 months later to evaluate the efficacy of treatment protocols for bone loss.