Moxibustion_scaledMoxa or mugworth (Artemisia) is an herb used to activate an acupuncture point and / or move the energy in the channel. Moxa can be burned either directly on the acupuncture point or is used to indirectly warm the point. When moxa is burned on top of a needle it is called warm needle technique. An acupuncturist may use warm needle technique for people with arthritis.

When the body is affected by a cold related disease, and the yang aspect of the body is weak or on the verge of collapse, moxa can revert that situation. Yang weakness or collapse manifests with watery diarrhea as well as abdominal cramping. In this situation we may use a moxa pot to warm the abdomen.

Moxibustion not only moves the energy in the channel but also nourishes it. Warming the channel alleviates stagnation (pain), prevents disease, and maintains health.